Project management brings document editing to project management has integrated a document editing tool into its project management platform, claiming the offering will improve real-time collaboration and information sharing within a company. The company released working papers today saying it is better suited for tasks like brainstorming than word processors like Microsoft Word or Google Docs. Workdocs comes with subscriptions – […]

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Carbon Count Claims World’s First Online Carbon Credit Project Software | Online farm

Melbourne-based AgTech provider Carbon Count has launched an end-to-end online soil carbon project management software package to enable agricultural consultants, project managers and carbon trading companies to get the most out of of the soil carbon credit market. The Carbon Count platform aims to simplify, streamline and accelerate soil carbon projects, making them less expensive […]

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How digital field documentation technology improves project management

Software that delivers instant, accurate labor costs by connecting your office to digital time cards, agendas, quantities, project notes, and other field documents helps you stay on time and on budget. Without double entry and without wasting time driving papers in the field, productivity is increased and data access is immediate. Digital field documentation is […]

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10 essential project management skills you need to have in 2021

Project management skills are easy to understand but difficult to achieve. You can only achieve them with a lot of practice. Every organization needs a project manager or a project management team to lead a project. A project manager should have a specific specialist skill set. These project management skills are crucial for the successful […]

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Diffuse disputes through better project management

The average value of litigation worldwide increased from $30.7 million in 2019 to $54.26 million in 2020, while the duration of litigation fell from 15 months in 2019 to 13.4 months, according to a recent study. Arcadis report. The data, presented in Arcadis’ 11th annual report, illustrates the ripple effects of the COVID-19 pandemic industry-wide, […]

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3 strong project management apps for iOS and Mac

Have you ever wondered why wedding planners can charge so much? This is because organizing all the elements of a great wedding is a very complex task with many potential points of failure. Most large projects are like this, consisting of many tasks with many potential points of failure and often including such complex dependencies […]