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4th WAPDA Tarbela Extension Project


The British Queen’s Trade Commissioner in the Middle East, Afghanistan and Pakistan Simon Penney appreciating the Pakistan Water and Electricity Development Authority (WAPDA) for a successful commissioning of Tarbela 4e Last year, the hydropower extension project declared it to be an important project that will provide power to thousands of people in Pakistan.

He expressed these views during his visit to 4e Hydroelectric extension project. General Manager (Tarbela Dam Project), General Manager (Electricity) Tarbela, Project Manager (Tarbela’s 4e Hydroelectric Extension Project) and Chief Engineer (Operation and Maintenance) Tarbela’s 4e The extension was also present during the visit.

Speaking on the occasion, the UK Trade Commissioner expressed the hope that the 4e The hydropower extension project will prove to be decisive in meeting Pakistan’s electricity needs, triggering the socio-economic development of the country. “I am delighted that a flagship UK company like Mott MacDonald is playing such a valuable role in supporting the completion of an important project,” added the UK trade commissioner.

4 from Tarbelae The hydropower extension project was also declared a successful project by the World Bank, being a project ordered on time and on cost. Success of 4e The extension increased the capacity of the Tarbela Hydel power station by 40% and also triggered a process for the 5th Tarbela power plante Hydroelectric extension project which is also financed by the World Bank and WAPDA.

Besides having a detailed tour of Tarbela 4e A hydropower extension project, the British Trade Commissioner also visited the Tarbela dam on 5e Extension of the hydroelectric project site and the Hydel power station in Tarbela.

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