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A smoother project management experience – Slack + Tracup

Tracup is a direct sight tube and multi-function tool that has been used by thousands of teams, collaborative workspace of agile tools, issue tracking software, work scheduling solution and task management focused on knowledge workers and digital developers, to integrate the most popular productivity tools. By integrating Tracup and Slack, issues in Slack can be managed as separate tasks.

This article will cover two things:

1. How does Slack manage projects and what are the benefits?

2. How to manage projects under Slack and Tracup integration? Ready? Go!

What is Slack?

Slack is a task management program that lets you assign tasks and goals to your team, identifying what needs to be done to move your project forward.

As a standalone tool

As a task management app, Slack will help you:

  • Create different communication channels for various projects
  • Decide the access permission for users

Therefore, you will need a special communication channel for the specific project in which all relevant team members are involved.

Can use slack:

  • Document sharing
  • Communicate important tasks
  • Sharing Status Updates

Limiting slack

Slack’s limitation is that it only supports sharing and generates tasks in empty comments.

You can’t organize and share your project and to-do list on Slack, leading your team members to create to-do lists and calendars on third-party to-do list tools or on paper.

Therefore, the PM cannot trace the work schedule at all because there is no project schedule for the PM to check.

In addition, it is also difficult for you and your team members to make a good connection between third-party questions via comments in Slack. As a trigger point for task communication on Slack, the problem mentioned above will be solved well by Tracup.

Tracup + Slack = More effective communication and project collaboration

Tracup is a direct vision tube and multi-tool that has been used by thousands of teams.

By integrating Tracup and Slack, you can solve Slack issues as individual task management.

And Tracup solved the problems in the following way:

1. Link Slack and Tracup account on the Tracup integration page.


2. Also, check and visit Tracup tasks from Slack itself.

3. Go back to Tracup and discover that this project has already existed.


Obviously, no one knows more about the project management app – Slack.

With the reliability of Tracup, the ease of use of Slack and their ease of integration, project management will be more fluid. As PM said, Tracup and Slack complement each other perfectly.

Although Slack project management is really good in some areas, it’s still not a great option.

Luckily, Tracup can be integrated with Slack to eliminate all of these pitfalls and eliminate the hassle of finding other Slack alternatives.

If you are still hesitating, why not try the free Tracup? Tracup does not disappoint!

Hit Tracup, a free project management software that can increase your productivity by 300%. Everything is under control.

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