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ACT moves forward with large Canberra 250MW battery project

The Australian Capital Territory Government has confirmed its commitment to providing one of the largest battery storage systems in the southern hemisphere to support Canberra’s energy grid and continued adoption of renewables with funding allocated in the next budget to move the Big Canberra Battery project forward.

Australian Capital Territory (ACT) Chief Minister Andrew Barr announced on Monday that additional funds had been allocated in the 2022-23 budget to advance the Big Canberra Battery project with $100 million already committed to the supply of at least 250 MW of large scale battery energy storage. Barr said the battery project would help “future future” the territory’s energy supply by reducing the load on Canberra’s power grid and increasing grid reliability. The project is also expected to facilitate the increased installation of rooftop and commercial solar PV panels in the ACT, allowing more households to enjoy the financial benefits of solar power. “After providing 100% renewable electricity, battery storage is the next step to protect the ACT when fossil fuel generators fail in hot summers,” Barr said. “ACT Labor recognizes that low-cost energy storage is the missing link in the transition to a national 100% renewable electricity market.”

The battery project must be delivered in three parts. The first tier will provide 250 MW of grid-connected battery storage to support the power grid. The second tier will initially seek to deliver batteries, up to 1 MW, to 14 government sites to help reduce the energy used in government buildings and reduce pressure on the distribution grid. The third component will see the deployment of a yet to be determined number of medium-sized neighborhood batteries at sites around the city. (The) Big Canberra Battery will involve a distributed network of batteries which will be built around the city,” he said. “The larger batteries will be used to support our power grid. Smaller batteries would be used to power essential services such as schools and hospitals. In between, neighborhood-scale batteries will provide opportunities for local communities to participate in the energy revolution.

“As a combined grid, this battery system can meet grid constraints, enable more Canberrans to have solar power and shorten the payback period for solar home systems. The procurement processes for shutters one and two are under development and will be open to industry in August 2022. The latest announcement comes after a call for expressions of interest from companies for large-scale batteries closed in February 2022. Construction of the batteries is scheduled to start from 2023 and the project to finish in 2023-24 The Big Canberra Battery project adds to the more than 100MW of battery projects being developed in the ACT by French renewable energy giant Neoen and Australian developer Global Power Generation.

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