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Avvir Announces Enhanced Product Capabilities to Improve Construction Project Management and Analysis

Avvir, a reality analytics company providing a building registration system to the construction industry, today announced the availability of enhanced product features for its Progress Quantification and Automatic Inspection offerings. . Along with these improvements, Avvir continues to create efficiencies for construction professionals, as evidenced by the recent launch of its 3D scanning and on-site photo capture services. Avvir Onsite delivers improved results that drive efficiency and reduce the risk of inaccuracies on construction sites through the free flow of information.

With its new feature updates, Avvir’s progress quantification offering makes it possible to use a project’s existing work breakdown structure or table of values, providing the first-ever consistent and transparency between finance and construction teams. Now project managers can take advantage of the company’s enhanced offering to quantify construction progress or check the self-reported status of trades line by line. Custom Work Breakdown Structures or Enterprise Values ​​Table add to Avvir’s existing support for Uniformat and Masterformat. Additionally, improvements to Avvir’s automatic inspection make it easier to find installation errors that require immediate action and act accordingly.

“Avvir provides the richest, most in-depth data, but knowing what to do with that information is key to preventing rework, avoiding errors, and protecting project schedules,” said Raffi Holzer, CEO and co-founder of Avvir. ‘Avvir. “These enhancements to Avvir’s offerings are ultimately driven by our desire to equip construction executives with the tools to extract data, and then encourage them to make quick and confident decisions about where and how to act.”

In January, the company launched its Avvir Onsite service, which provides end-to-end reality capture and enables real-time extraction of field data for immediate analysis. Its capabilities are extensive, from traditional stationary 3D LiDAR scanning to 360-degree photo capture and drone photography. By seamlessly integrating these real-time results into a project’s Building Information Model (BIM), Avvir can effectively identify the downstream effects of potential installation errors and better quantify construction progress and reports.

Beyond collecting project data, Avvir continues to build its contextual capabilities, which act as a bridge between digital and physical worksites. The company has made improvements to its BIM interaction tools, allowing for larger models while simultaneously offering more detailed visualization options, including mini-maps and dynamic panels. When holistically paired with Avvir’s suite of solutions, these updates provide contractors and managers with the ability to switch between information and better orient themselves within the context of their own BIM in order to get an intimate and detailed view of the project in progress.

Throughout 2022, Avvir will continue to introduce much-needed tools to accelerate the development of new analytics and customizable features. A demonstrated focus on machine learning will increase the accuracy of predictions and reduce turnaround time to receive results. From an operational standpoint, the company is developing self-managed contractor authorizations and a Do Not Track feature that will allow for greater progress control and cost tracking. Additionally, Avvir is working to improve its software’s communication capabilities with the aim of streamlining remote coordination, evaluating images and data, and better collaborating on contextual analysis.

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