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Ceragon: InSide – The tailor-made project management tool for telecommunications

Network deployment projects are of vital importance to network operators. So when Ceragon found that existing third-party deployment tools weren’t up to snuff, we developed our own unique solution, InSide.

Over 10 years ago, we built our InSide software tool from the ground up based on our own demanding network deployment requirements. Our goal was to develop a bespoke tool for use by Ceragon personnel for our customers’ network deployment projects around the world. We wanted a flexible tool that would cover network deployment planning, execution, and tracking, and an easy-to-use system that would make every step of deployment more efficient and manageable.

While developing our tool, we addressed a number of “pain points” associated with network deployment projects. We wanted an “all-in-one” solution that would allow us to manage all aspects of the project – such as accounting, quality assurance, logistics management, supplier management, etc. – from one place. And all this without having to constantly access Excel and other offline documents.

We also wanted a tool that would help minimize the time our technicians spend in the field, speeding up project acceptance and time to revenue generation. Finally, we wanted a tool that would allow custom business intelligence (BI) reports on any information, and custom reports by project or region, as desired.

InSide is our advanced network deployment and project management tool specifically designed for the telecommunications industry. Integrating seamlessly with relevant network components, InSide supports deployment and other complex network-related projects.

For many years, we used InSide as an internal tool, which gave us a competitive advantage. But we finally decided to offer InSide directly to our partners, operators and subcontractors. The trigger for this decision was demand from the field, with a number of contractors and deployment operators asking if they could purchase InSide for use by their own staff.

Today, we offer InSide as a software-as-a-service (SaaS) offering hosted in a secure Azure cloud environment. As a result, the tool meets the highest security protocols, with no installation required at the customer.

One of the main benefits of the InSide tool is first-time deployment. Inside increases the level of first site activity on the site to 80%, compared to an industry average of 50%. This, in turn, improves service delivery efficiency, network deployment margins, and end-customer satisfaction.

While the benefits of InSide’s remote management capabilities have been evident for years, the COVID-19 pandemic has brought those benefits into even sharper focus. Network operators and system integrators (SIs) are increasingly interested in limiting the number of on-site visits by technicians to reduce costs and potential virus exposure due to long-distance travel.

The tool has evolved over time based on customer requirements, with the introduction of new features and functionality, as well as the enhancement of existing capabilities. The tool has also become more comprehensive, providing end-to-end coverage of the entire deployment project, from planning to acceptance.

Although originally designed for the deployment of microwave networks, our tool has evolved to cover many types of network deployment activities, including those for fiber and hybrid deployments. Additionally, Inside has become a more general project management tool, suitable for a variety of carrier projects involving milestones, such as installation and on-site activities unrelated to network deployment.

It is important to note that we offer on-site support and training for InSide. Additionally, our global support center offers 24/7 after-sales support for the tool.

Leveraging Ceragon’s industry-leading expertise and over 20 years of dedicated wireless transport experience, InSide is currently used by some 1,600 users on approximately 20 carrier networks in approximately 140 countries worldwide. .

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