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Dawlance completes the planting of 10,000 trees as part of a sustainable development project


Dawlance is the leading tech company in the home appliance industry in Pakistan, which recently held a lively ceremony to celebrate the successful completion of its 10,000 tree planting project. Dawlance has a vision to ensure the well-being of mankind and environmental sustainability, the company having collaborated with the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) and the University of Karachi (KU), for plantations large-scale tree plantations in Pakistan, while promoting the extensive mangrove forests along the coastal regions.

Dawlance Managing Director – Umar Ahsan Khan, unveiled a monument, built at KU, to commemorate this planting campaign. He said, “Being a responsible corporate citizen – Dawlance remains committed to making resourceful contributions, ensuring socio-economic development for community well-being and nature conservation, in sync with the Sustainable Development Goals. (SDGs) of the United Nations. . This collaboration is part of the “Dawlance for Humanity” initiative, which improves the quality of life, education and health care for the nation.”

Dawlance Marketing Manager – Syed Hasan Jameel said, “For this planting initiative, we engaged the Dawlance Project and University of Karachi students and WWF teams, as well as a large number of citizen volunteers. All of these participants were also trained by Green-Ateliers, to educate the public about; the importance of vegetation and forests for maintaining the ecological balance of nature. Dr.Tahir Rasheed – WWF Regional Manager in (Sindh and Baluchistan) said: Trees have a long-term positive impact on the environment and society while promising prevention of global warming and climate change, so to ensure a safe and healthy future for our future generations. It is heartwarming to see the students of the University of Karachi becoming aware of the importance of environmental sustainability”.

Dawlance’s parent company Arcelik is the second largest manufacturer in Europe, offering a wide range of cutting-edge products and technologies that meet and inspire European sustainability standards, promising over 50% energy savings for a healthier and greener environment. Pakistan. Over the years, Dawlance has invested over $35 billion to set up 3 large-scale factories in Pakistan and its nationwide network of over 1800 dealers for sales and service. Some of the other distinguished guests representing KU at the Dawlance Planting Ceremony included: Prof. Dr. Nasira Khatoon – Acting Vice Chancellor, Prof. Dr. AnjumPerveen – Director of the Center for Plant Conservation (Botanic Garden and Herbarium) and Dr. Saboohi Raza – Chairman, Department of Agriculture and Agro-Industry Management.

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