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Digital Transformation Series – Project Management


To support businesses in Wales, Superfast Business Wales created a new digital toolbox designed to help businesses improve efficiency, streamline operations, enhance security and often reduce costs.

Listing more than 100 cloud-based solutions, the Digital toolbox will help you find software and services you can rely on. All products listed are presented for informational and research purposes only, and recommendations are not intended to be comprehensive or to act as a specific endorsement by Superfast Business Wales.


In part four of this series, we look at project management and the opportunities and benefits of using cloud-based software.

As teams move towards a more hybrid work model, project management software has become more popular in recent years. That said, many project managers have yet to embrace cloud-based programs to manage their people and projects.

If you don’t use project management software in your business, you could be doing way more work than necessary, working unproductively and wasting time.

Efficiency is at the heart of any successful business and choosing the best software can help save money and improve productivity.

With the right tools, employees can work smarter and faster, which often boosts collaboration and reduces costs.

When it comes to office productivity, it’s important to provide a suite that meets the demands of the job, whether you need complicated spreadsheets or detailed text documents. If you don’t choose market-leading products because of their price, make sure the software you choose can open files from popular office applications such as Microsoft Word and Excel.

Also consider collaboration options, especially if many people need to work on a single document. Speaking of collaboration, file sharing software has become increasingly important for modern businesses, providing a quick and easy way to share documents, photos, and videos.

Look for integration with your existing office suite and require advanced controls so you can control access. If your business deals with many documents on a daily basis, you may need document management software to sort, organize and structure the flow of digital data.

With GDPR now in effect, the right document management software can also help you meet legal obligations.

Finally, time tracking software can help increase productivity, by keeping track of the work invested in projects and showing who is free, when. Being able to see how staff allocate their time helps reduce bottlenecks and can make employees more dynamic and flexible.

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