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Domino Data Lab partnerships target AI project management


In a new partnership between AI hardware and software provider Nvidia and data science and ML Ops provider Domino Data Lab, the vendors aim to help enterprises manage the processes associated with deploying AI and machine learning models in production.

Platform provider MLOps introduced new integration with Nvidia GPUs and NetApp data management and storage systems on September 20. The integrations aim to help companies run AI and ML workloads in data centers or AWS.

The integration supports the San Francisco-based provider’s new Nexus architecture. Domino introduced Nexus, a hybrid MLOps architecture that enables organizations to scale, control and orchestrate data science work across different environments, in June. The vendor updated its MLOps platform in May.

Partnership with Nvidia

Domino and Nvidia have created an on-premises MLOps and GPU reference architecture for optimal performance on Nvidia DGX systems – a line of Nvidia servers used to accelerate deep learning applications.

“AI and ML, especially at scale, are both complex and computationally intensive,” said David Menninger, analyst at Ventana Research.

Integration with the Nvidia portfolio is a significant productivity boost for Domino and Nvidia customers, Menninger said.

Because Domino’s MLOps platform helps users keep models up-to-date, detect drift, recycle and redeploy models, the partnership with Nvidia – which provides integrated, governed access to high-performance GPU infrastructures from Nvidia – is needed for AI and ML workloads, he added. .

“The partnership addresses the combined software and hardware requirements a company needs to bring AI and ML models to production,” Menninger said. “They make it easier for their customers and prospects to select and deploy their technology. This should lead to more market gains.”

Challenges and NetApp

They facilitate the selection and deployment of their technology by their customers and prospects.

David MenningerAnalyst, Ventana Research

However, the partnership has some challenges.

The first is for the two vendors to align on their priorities and focus on the needs of the AI ​​and ML market, according to Menninger. Both providers should strive not to deviate from the primary reason they partnered.

Domino’s partnership with NetApp supports Nexus on Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP, a new service managed by AWS that provides high-performance storage on NetApp’s ONTAP file system. The service aims to simplify the way large-scale applications are deployed and managed in hybrid environments.

Domino showcased integrations with Nvidia and NetApp at Nvidia’s GTC Developer Conference September 20-22.

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