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GLA Adopts RPA for Project Management Reporting


Image source: Le Moal

The Greater London Authority has adopted robotic process automation (RPA) in project management to improve organizational efficiency. Nottinghamshire, headquartered at The Robot Exchange, has been selected by the Greater London Authority (GLA) as an RPA Partner.

RPA bots typically take manual processes, such as an action triggered by receiving an invoice, and automatically perform subsequent processes in the organization, which could be adding the invoice to the general ledger for a project.

GLA selected DeVol, from The Robot Exchange, to improve project reporting processes. The London organization is the first customer of the RPA Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform.

Data upload and creation of management information has been automated to improve data sharing and consumption between GLA business units. Andy Wallace, managing director of The Robot Exchange, said the GLA will use the tool for: “their high-priority infrastructure projects.” In a statement, the GLA said it would increase the accuracy of measuring project progress and investment. “Previously, this was a manual update process with lots of data changes to consume,” Wallace said.

“It has already reduced errors and improved the efficiency of human resource deployment,” said Laurence Tricker, program office manager at the GLA. “Additionally, for the first time, we can now analyze multi-faceted program performance to understand key metrics, overall impact and longer-term outcomes. This is good news for all stakeholders.

Wallace explained that GLA project managers targeted input data so the platform could collect, verify data and automate processes. Development of the RPA platform is taking place in Northern Ireland, where The Robot Exchange has received support from Invest in Northern Ireland through the European Union’s Investment for Growth and Jobs scheme.

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