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Hello Ivy, a simplified project management and team communication software, is now live


Hello Ivy is designed to streamline projects and centralize communication for small to medium sized teams.

The recently launched Hello Ivy software takes the unnecessary clutter out of project management and team communication with its simplicity and ease of use. It focuses on essential features that help improve workflow, enabling small to medium sized teams to remove project execution bottlenecks.

Hello Ivy acts as the sole source of truth for the entire team. Everything is neatly organized to declutter the workspace and ensure teams run like a well-oiled machine. The software highlights a clean interface that allows users to track, manage and view tasks in real time. Users can focus on business continuity while improving decision-making, productivity, and collaboration among team members.

Since its launch, Hello Ivy has received a positive reception from thousands of teams across the country. Using the software, they were able to communicate effortlessly and move tasks forward while staying up to date with the latest projects.

According to Pat, Sales Manager at BigStuffed, “It took us many tries to find the right app, but we’re glad we finally did it. We were able to keep track of each team member’s tasks in a beautiful All the tools are there to describe, plan, assign, track and overwrite all tasks without losing anyone in translation.

Hello Ivy offers a 14-day trial for teams interested in seeing what the product has to offer at no cost. Learn more here:

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