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Jetbuilt adds technical data fields to project management software


Jetbuilt, the global developer of sales and project management software, has announced the addition of technical data fields to its project builder tool. These fields provide important product data, including rack units, wattage, BTUs, and item dimensions.

According to Jetbuilt, using technical data fields provides a clear view of information that will help ensure a project has a proper design. It also provides component accounting, such as rack space, power, thermal ventilation, and weight capacity. Thus, the data fields allow for a smooth installation process.

“Introducing technical data fields will save time, money and aggravation as the project progresses to the installation stage,” notes Tom Peters, Business Development Manager at Jetbuilt . It gives an example where understanding rack space for a particular installation, particularly for a small space like a credenza, can ensure ordering the correct size credenza.

Peters continues, “Plus, you can notify the HVAC contractor that there will be 1,000 BTUs in a closet to ventilate, and easily view the total weight of a speaker system or video wall included in the project, to check against the structure of the building. Basically, the Jetbuilt builder’s technical data will provide a clear view of what is needed to fit the system being installed.

Extend Valuable Features

Technical data fields are the latest feature to support platform engineering efforts. It will also pair well with Jetbuilt’s Technical Scrub feature. Launched in early 2022, the feature allows businesses to enforce technical review as part of the workflow.

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Scrub also ensures that each element is approved from a technical point of view before the project moves on to the next stage. By having key technical data at their fingertips and calculated automatically, users can also streamline this process.

Jetbuilt will showcase Engineering Data Fields at CEDIA 2022. It will also highlight Engineering Scrub and JEL, the Jetbuilt Engineering Lab.

Also launching in 2022, JEL offers the ability to order CAD drawings, REVIT drawings, 3D renderings and pre-sales engineering as needed. All of this is possible within Jetbuilt’s integrated workflow.

Paul Dexter, Founder and CEO of Jetbuilt, says: “While Jetbuilt is known as a sales and project management tool, in 2022 we are committed to better serving the consultants and engineering side of our design teams by using Jetbuilt. To that end, we’re proud to have launched Engineering Scrub, JEL, and now Engineering Data Fields, with more valuable features to come.

Jetbuilt will be exhibiting at CEDIA in Booth #9017, September 29-October 1 in Dallas, TX.

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