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KP Department of Agriculture completes Rs 1.3m project

The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government on Thursday completed the Rs 1.3 million irrigation project aimed at irrigating more than a hundred kanal farmlands in Almira Atla.

The project was jointly inaugurated by MP KP Qalandar Khan Lodhi Assembly and Irrigation General Manager Javed Iqbal Khattak. Speaking on the occasion, the Director General said that the current provincial government has provided record funds to the Ministry of Agriculture. He said the current provincial government has allocated a record amount of funds to the agriculture department since its inception. In the province, the first phase of the national land reform program in Bannu, Malakand, Swat, Buner and other districts was launched by President Musharraf, while the second phase was launched in 2019 under the PTI government. , did he declare.

The DG said the results of the five-year project would translate into water conservation, irrigation of additional area and increased production of high-quality crops as modern methods of irrigation were developed. adopted. Drip irrigation was introduced to irrigate farmland due to lack of water in Abbottabad, he said. Javed said that the country’s population had increased and to meet the needs of the growing population, the KP government had brought about a revolution in the agricultural sector, the effects of which would soon appear.

He said that to protect the green belts and avoid water pollution, the provincial government would soon pass legislation as the main objective of the Department of Irrigation was to take measures to conserve existing water resources. Additionally, he said construction on agricultural land should be prohibited and the land should be set aside for agricultural purposes only. Water management staff also installed a solar-powered rain pump, which can be used to irrigate areas upstream from ravines, nullahs and streams. The inauguration ceremony was attended by the district head of irrigation reform department Shahid Mehmood, other department officials and a large number of farmers.

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