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New Record for Horizontal Drilling Technology Set in Xizang Hydropower Project

A new record for horizontal drilling technology in complex geological conditions was set by a Chinese hydroelectric company on Wednesday, with a termination depth reaching 775.6 meters below ground.

In an ultra-deep horizontal drilling task undertaken by Power China Chengdu Engineering Corporation as part of a large-scale hydropower project in Xizang Autonomous Region (Tibet) in southwest China, the company established a new record of 775.6 meters for horizontal drilling technology under complex geological conditions in the hydropower industry. This is another major breakthrough achieved in the Xizang area after a 1,000-meter vertical drilling was completed in April this year. According to Chang Zuping, the project manager, the geological conditions in the area of ​​the horizontal drilling work are complicated, with soft and hard formations appearing alternately, and the existence of several cracks in the rock stratum.

In addition, the abundant groundwater made the drilling process and the formation of the hole extremely difficult. In order to complete the task smoothly, the company’s exploration department has repeatedly studied the drilling process and made a detailed operation and contingency plan in various aspects, including drilling equipment. and structural design, in order to obtain reliable first-hand geological data for the promotion of the hydroelectric project. scientifically and in an orderly manner. As a hydropower design company with a history of 70 years, the company has achieved a series of significant exploration achievements, especially in the field of drilling technology, where it has formed a unique advantage. He contributed to the national strategy and to the promotion of the construction of major engineering projects. In its major hydropower projects in Xizang, it has ranked first in four aspects of the hydropower industry, including overburden drilling depth, vertical drilling depth, large diameter drilling and horizontal drilling depth. .

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