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Opto 22 announces the release of PAC Project Software Suite R10

  • May 16, 2018
  • Opto 22
  • OPTO 22
Opto 22 announces the release of PAC Project Software Suite R10

May 15, 2018 – Opto 22 announces the release of PAC Project Software Suite R10. This release supports the Groov EPIC system, adds eight control commands, and provides the ability to designate individual I / O and variable tags as public access for read-only or read-write use in communications. IIoT data via MQTT / Sparkplug. As in previous versions, HMI programming is included and uses the same tag name database as the real-time control engine, creating automatic integration between the two functions.

Opto 22 industrial controllers – SNAP PAC programmable automation controllers and now groov EPIC edge programmable industrial controllers – are typically programmed using the PAC project software suite. PAC Project Basic, which is free to download, includes flowchart-based control programming with optional scripts, a configuration utility, and HMI development. PAC Project Professional adds OPC server, database connectivity, PC-based control setup, and support for older Opto 22 I / O units.

The suite’s control programming software, PAC Control, features over 450 plain language commands, as well as graphical PID tuning and debugging. HMI programming is supplied with PAC Display. PAC Display Basic is an HMI package for building operator interface applications to communicate with Groov EPIC processors, SNAP PAC controllers, and Ethernet-based I / O units. PAC Display offers features such as alarm, trends, security and a library of over 3000 industrial automation graphics.

PAC Display Professional adds the possibility of using redundant scanners and redundant Ethernet links on Groov EPIC processors and SNAP PAC controllers. PAC Display Professional also enables logging of SuperTrends, historical logs, and runtime operator log data files to an ODBC database.

New commands added to PAC Control include two specifically for Groov EPIC: Get I / O Channel Quality and Get I / O Unit Quality. EPIC groov I / O modules incorporate LEDs that change color based on module status, revealing data quality to a local technician, and this information can also be configured or retrieved programmatically in the control logic. control using these two new commands.

Another feature is the full support for MQTT / Sparkplug data communication, provided by Ignition Edge, which is built into Groov EPIC. MQTT’s publish-to-subscribe communication architecture is superior to request-response methods, and Sparkplug optimizes MQTT for industrial applications.

Public access beacons are a new PAC control capability, to secure the use of MQTT / Sparkplug. During configuration, the developer can use public access to designate which tags to expose and to designate each exposed tag as read-only or read-write.

Tags in PAC Control include I / O channels and program variables, some of which can be represented in the public access space in several ways. For example, an integer can be represented as an integer, a Boolean value, or an individual bit in the integer. An array can be represented as an array, an array element, or even a bit of an element.

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