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PodMatch launches project management software, PodcastSOP

JACKSONVILLE, FL: PodMatch, a SaaS company that connects podcast producers with guests, has launched project management software to help hosts create and publish their podcasts.

Called PodcastSOP, to establish a “standard operating procedure,” the software provides workflows to help podcasters complete and publish every episode of their show on time.

Alex Sanfilippo, founder of PodMatch, said that 90% of people who start a podcast end the show before its first birthday. After polling over 1,000 podcasters, he found that the lack of systematic organization had led podcasters to abandon their shows.

Hosting his own podcast, Creating a Brand, Sanfilippo knew the basic steps of producing and releasing a program. Six months ago, he started working with co-founder Jesse Hunter, who also created the PodMatch software, to develop PodcastSOP.

Three months ago, they started testing the software with 100 podcasters, not just from PodMatch but Clubhouse, Buzzsprout and other sources, to learn more about user needs.

Features include templates with checklists, deadlines, and the ability to upload files, add team members, and comment on tasks. Users can create and customize their own templates or select from a gallery that varies from high level macros or detailed workflows.

“We have templates with only 10-14 steps, and you have mine, which I uploaded with almost 42 steps, including schedule guest, check-in guest, record intros and outros, by the way. through the stages of publication on various social networks. media, ”said Sanfilippo. “There are models for both sides of the spectrum. ”

This includes tips for beginners who don’t know everything they need to do.

For PR professionals who work closely with a podcast, instead of emailing for updates or asking when the next episode is coming out, they can see the status of each episode. PR managers can also read and leave comments.

After a 14-day free trial period, PodcastSOP costs $ 6 per month and is available to Podmatch subscribers and non-subscribers. Sanfilippo noted that 90% of platform users opt for the free basic service. Paid customers using the professional service enjoy perks like faster matches and premium search filters, and the agency service allows users to manage hundreds of accounts in a single dashboard.

“It’s the same idea of ​​a pen and paper calendar system, for very organized people, but there is stress when people forget to write things down, add notes or stick to a job. time. This system automatically configures it with reminders and you don’t have to rewrite a checklist for each new episode, ”said Sanfilippo. “It’s a more modern way of doing it. “

PodMatch launched in June 2020. In August, it acquired the Atlanta-based podcast directory service for an undisclosed fee.

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