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Ray Blanco BESS Battery Revolution Review (Secret Tesla Project) The benefits of technology are confidential

Ray Blanco urges everyone to invest in revolutionary new technology, “BESS”

St. Paul Research’s chief technology editor, Ray Blanco insists that the next breakthrough technology with growth potential has been presented as “BESS”. Forget the growth potential, this opportunity is deemed so massive that for him, it is the “most legitimate wealth creation opportunity since the dawn of the internet. ”

For people who guessed that BESS would involve EVs, 5G, and / or cryptocurrency, you certainly have a bad idea. In fact, the expert hinted that this technology will revolutionize the energy sector in the same way that smartphones have disrupted wireless communication. So what exactly do we know about BESS besides its contribution to the energy sector?

Here are some tips shared by the expert himself:

  • It could disrupt the current global energy sector, possibly inducing a $ 100,000 billion collapse
  • This could lead the financial sector to invest 140 trillion dollars
  • It could be 100 to 1000 times bigger than the internet
  • It is the basis of a new digital network
  • Elon Musk is currently working on a BESS technology project and has partnered with PG&E to launch related products
  • Shell Oil has invested $ 2 billion in R&D on BESS, while Duke Energy has already invested $ 1 billion in BESS
  • Federal Ordinance No.2222 will pave the way for the production of 380 gigawatts of electricity in four years

Most importantly, it ensures that BESS encompasses two innovations and means “Battery energy storage system“, Which defines itself as a computerized network of smart batteries that can” think for themselves […] make decisions about the best time to store energy and the best time to use it automatically. What’s more fascinating about all of this is that electric vehicle company Tesla is now going to step into this realm, and with Elon leading the way, we can only expect it to reach new heights. All things considered, Ray Blanco claims to have discovered investment opportunities in this sector, but in order to gain access to this information, individuals must first become a member of Technological benefits Confidential.

What is Technology Profits Confidential?

Technology Profits Confidential is St. Paul Research’s flagship investment service through which Ray Blanco will take investors on a worldwide journey of technological and biotechnology opportunities. Considered to be medium risk, Ray believes his background can help investors with investment options and appropriate entry and exit, among others. Throughout this service, members will be introduced to the talks Ray can organize with company insiders and other ways to learn more about facets of a business (i.e. management, relationships, marketing, finance, etc.) before investing.

What will members get from a Technology Profits Confidential subscription?

First of all, Ray wants to share a free stock recommendation with everyone. For a 122x boom, he thinks investing in Fluence is a good first step. Why? Because the company has already acquired a BESS company, has experience in installing and operating battery storage projects in over 24 different countries and has since deployed the highest number of battery storage projects energy to date.

Again, the pre-IPO means that investors cannot directly invest in this one until it is publicly available. However, it is co-owned by two industry leaders, Siemens AG and AES Corp. Therefore, the best way to access Fluence is to invest in AES Corp. (NYSE: AES). One thing to keep in mind this second is that patience is the key, especially since its unit price is around $ 23. But luckily, Ray Blanco has more in store. Members who integrate today will have access to special reports that delve deeper into BESS technology. These include:

Special Report # 1. The perfect BESS investment: 10x your money on Tesla’s biggest competitor

In the first special report, Ray provides details of a company doubled 0.002% the size of Tesla, but remains a respected company on the Wall Street Hedge Fund. The potential he sees in them is that they overtake Tesla in terms of BESS projects and already have a series of 10-20 year contracts. In fact, Credit Suisse also provided coverage on this company, giving it’s a strong buy rating. Their business model is the selling point because this company does not manufacture batteries, but manages and optimizes energy for customers.

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Special Report # 2. Replacing lithium: the storage disruption of the 122X battery

In the second special feature, Ray presents an alternative to lithium. According to his research, a new chemistry is emerging in the form of an incombustible metal that is widely available and has a longer shelf life. A company supposedly uses this metal to make BESS batteries and has signed trade deals with New Mexico, Colorado and Texas.

Special Report # 3. Action # 1 for Biggest Infrastructure Bill in U.S. History

In the third and final report, Ray explains why America’s electricity grid is about to undergo more changes over the next decade. One point he raises is President Biden’s $ 2,000 billion infrastructure bill, which “not only promises to replace the U.S. government fleet with 650,000 electric vehicles, but it also promises to build 550,000 electric vehicles. 000 charging stations for electric vehicles across the country, ”he writes. The main takeaway here is that there is a company ready to ride this $ 2,000 billion wave.

In addition to the above four pieces of information, members have a head start because they have the following:

  • 12 monthly issues the disclosure of stock recommendations coupled with in-depth analyzes
  • Monthly phone calls for members only with Ray
  • Urgent Market Alerts / Updates as we see fit
  • Access to the Technology Profits Confidential model portfolio
  • Members only access to the confidential Technology Profits website filled with past and present reports and news

How much does a one year subscription to Technology Profits Confidential cost?

The value of the special reports and subscription would be $ 796, however, for newcomers, the first year of Technology Profits Confidential will only cost $ 49. Additionally, every subscription has been backed by a 90-day 100% money-back guarantee, so if investors find Ray’s approaches insufficient or not aligned with their own investment goals, customer service can be contacted. for a full purchase refund of the price. To verify eligibility, consider the contact points listed below:

  • Telephone: 1 (844) 370 6635
  • E-mail:
  • Address: St. Paul Research, 808 St. Paul Street, Baltimore, MD 21202, USA

That said, $ 49 is a basic subscription that only provides digital access. For those who want access to digital download and print, one year will cost $ 79, which also covers the additional bonuses. Lastly, there is also a premium membership priced at $ 129, which is similar to $ 79, but seems restricted to some extent. It might be better to get clarification on the differences between the latter two from customer service.

Meet the Editor-in-Chief, Ray Blanco

Earlier we mentioned that Ray Blanco is the chief technology editor of St. Paul Research. Well, his story like many others is amazing. Ray’s family fled Cuba in the 1960s and settled in Florida where he was born. For him, being smart gave him all the happiness he needed to the point that he spent hours typing programming code into his Timex Sinclair 1000 (and that was when he was 10!).

After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in information technology from Hodges University, Ray worked in public and private companies for over a decade, all of which are known to manage over $ 30 billion in assets. As someone who has worked for companies from the advanced robotics and avionics industries to the genomics and biotechnology industries, let’s just say he usually has the tee. Otherwise, he knows where to get information for wealth building purposes. To learn more about Ray, click here.

Final verdict

Ultimately, Ray Blanco is currently investing his time in the battery energy storage market and has since discovered four companies worth taking a position in (one of them being AES). This is not much of a surprise, as this respective market is on track to reach $ 19.7 billion by 2027. After reviewing this service and Ray’s track record, our editorial team largely believes that its career demonstrates his knowledge in the field of technology, which makes him a suitable fit as a publisher. And, for $ 49 for its entire membership, it’s a full flight and should be used for education and investment purposes. To learn more about how to get started with Technology Profits Confidential, click here >>>.

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