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The 9 Best Smartsheet Features You Can Use for Project Management

Smartsheet simplifies various aspects of the project, such as managing resources, content, documents, comments, approvals, reviews, and more. Users of various professions in over 190 countries find this web application handy for managing projects with many moving parts.

As a beginner, you might think that using this app would require a lot of training. However, if you walk through the following essential features of Smartsheet, you will come one step closer to being a boss user.

1. Content management

An image showing the Smartsheet content management feature

Smartsheet adds value to whatever content management task you take on. If you are a blogger, YouTuber, designer or photographer, you can streamline all of your content management with this app. You don’t even need to hire an extra hand to manage the content in this app because it is an easy to use tool.

Here are some content management tasks you can perform on Smartsheet:

  • A dedicated production process sheet to oversee the production of content by team members.
  • Easy-to-set up notifications and reminders that keep your designers on schedule.
  • Affected team members and customers can easily review evidence of content.
  • Approvers can review content in real time to minimize creator idle time.
  • Multiple feedback channels like conversations, pinned notes, and one-on-one approvals.

To download: Smartsheet for Android | iOS (free)

2. Project resource management

The resource management feature helps you visualize the capacity utilization of team members, find a qualified person for the tasks, reduce the cost of the project and, most importantly, keep growing. You can try the following actions to start managing resources:

  • Import the list of employees or collaborators from any spreadsheet file.
  • You can add clients and their projects in a structured way.
  • Create elaborate calendars for project tasks by assigning resources from the list. A simple slider allows you to set the hours, time slots, etc.
  • Team members can track their time in different formats, such as detailed hours and minutes and half days.
  • A robust analytics page that pulls in people, budgets, and time data so you can filter and aggregate that data into insightful reports.

3. Transparent team collaboration

A visual for Smartsheet conversations

Smartsheet facilitates 360 ° collaboration and communication with coworkers, customers, team members, and more. Its flexibility allows you to share a single item, multiple items or an entire workspace. Plus, you can collect anonymous feedback and comments through forms that require fewer clicks to create.

the Conversations The section keeps the project communication channels open via multiple media like @Mention, attachments, evidence and reminders. The tool allows the recording of conversations at different levels like sheets, rows and workspaces. Additionally, you can customize user access levels to allow or revoke comment editing rights.

4. Process management

An image showing the Smartsheet for Project Portfolio Management dashboard

Do you regularly work on different projects or do you supervise more than one project within the framework of your profession? Then Smartsheet is the perfect platform for you. The tool has many features to help you manage multiple projects from a control center, and these are:

  • Easily plan and configure projects on Smartsheet with Project Plans. Reusable reports, sheets, and dashboards make up a project.
  • A strategic dashboard that provides an overview of each project in your portfolio.
  • Widget-based visualization of project status for multiple projects and one-click access to their sheets.
  • A central console that allows you to approve content, tasks, proofs, assignees, etc.
  • The Global Updates module allows you to make changes to project boards created from a specific plan.

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5. Manage digital assets

Managing digital assets on a secure online platform is an essential task for a designer or creative developer. Sometimes clients may not be able to access your work, or someone may copy your creation without your knowledge because you need to focus on creating the content.

Smartsheet gives you access to Brandfolder which fixes the issues mentioned above. This tool allows you to distribute or present digital assets in a secure and efficient manner. It also allows you:

  • Customize the platform to suit your brand’s style.
  • Easily search for various asset metadata through filtering, sorting, etc.

6. Automation of tasks

You can replace repetitive or manual tasks with automatic workflows and save your team members unproductive work or boredom by using Smartsheet workflow automation. An automated workflow module is a visual tool. Therefore, users don’t need any coding expertise to create task automation.

Actions, triggers, and conditions are the three components that create automatic workflows. You can automate the following tasks:

  • Let the task manager know about critical changes or remind them of deadlines.
  • Request approval or review the status of the content.
  • Move rows to different sheets or lock and unlock them.
  • Record the date of the milestones.
  • Assign resources to tasks or projects.

7. Streamlined Solution Center

A visualization of the Smartsheet Solution Center

Smartsheet Solution Center is a robust library that gives you access to a huge collection of project plans and applications. Therefore, you don’t need to invest time in planning and setting up a project. Just pick a template, tweak it a bit, and start running projects with agility.

You will find all of the Solution Center content organized in the following three sections:

  1. Templates: These are single sheet tables to manage your tasks, resources and time.
  2. Template sets: Get predefined dashboards, reports and sheets to manage complex projects.
  3. Additional modules: These are integrations, connectors, and apps that you can link to your sheets to import or export project data.

8. Powerful integrations and add-ons

An image showing Smartsheet integrations

Smartsheet allows you to effortlessly synchronize your work with clients or external collaborators who might be using different project management tools and communication applications. Hence, you don’t need to start using or paying for these apps.

You can easily integrate third-party apps like DocuSign, Zapier, Quip, Slack, Outlook, Google Docs, etc. into your sheets. Whenever there are updates from external sources, access them directly from Smartsheet.

Smartsheet also gives you access to simple applications developed for your project sheets. Pivot App, Dynamic View, Calendar App, DataMesh, etc. are apps that facilitate project management efforts.

9. IT and ticketing requests

An image showing IT request management in Smartsheet

The IT Inquiries and Ticketing feature is a set of templates that you can access from the Solution Center. You can use this template to streamline the following tasks:

  • Capture and record IT requests through a simple form that anyone can access from a mobile or desktop.
  • Manage open, blocked or resolved IT requests from a simplified dashboard.

Projects made intuitive and fun

The aforementioned features of Smartsheet will help you get started faster with this app. It’s not just another tool on your tech stack that you keep paying for without knowing how the app pays you back.

It’s a powerful tool that can save you and your team time by reducing unproductive work in any project. Plus, the app can integrate with many third-party productivity tools that your employees or clients use.

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