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The Reto Foundation is preparing to launch an electronic literacy project

KHI STAFF REPORT: The Reto Foundation intends to start the in-depth study program in the rustic and underrated territories to enable the general population to prepare, mentor liner clubs and organize book drives. The association is good for going to prepare the students to face future difficulties head-on.

A senior official from the Reto Foundation said: “The organization envisions better-than-ever routes through which educational programs could be taught to young people. PCs are a rare commodity for these people. It is quite normal that the acclimatization of the liners to the medium is the first step towards the tinkering of the presentation systems ”.

This self-learning activity of young change makers is appropriate extremely advanced. We hope that young people should know the basics of how a PC works. So even when kids drop out, they are given some sort of skill set that will help them in the future. Sindh has a high school dropout rate as children barely complete fifth grade.

These private sector efforts are a light in the dark, striving to promote literacy in a country that is grappling with various internal and external challenges bleeding its economy of all dimensions.

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