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Top 9 Project Management System Features

When looking for workplace productivity, look for a project management system with features that can help you in a big way.

From the start, project management systems have taken the overall effectiveness of projects to the next level. Project management tools and software with useful built-in features are the best way to maximize productivity in just about any environment.

Choosing the right project management system

Most businesses can’t afford to be wrong when choosing the right project management software. As a project manager, you have to create the project plan, identify the scope of the project, and plan everything you can in the tool.

Essential characteristics of a project management tool

1. Risk management

Risk can be thought of as any uncertainty that could impact your project. For example, early on and through all phases of development, unexpected circumstances can arise that adversely affect the entire project. (Think about COVID-19.)

Project managers must therefore employ a risk management method. The goal is to reduce the possibility of issues that could affect a project’s schedule.

The system you select should be able to recognize and manage the risks in your project plan. He must also estimate the potential risks in advance.

2. Resource management

In any business, resource management is an essential component. Useful tools have the ability to keep the manager informed of the cost of the entire project.

It should include a resource management element within the tool that allows you to estimate expenses and efficiently allocate resources.

3. Milestones, dependencies and crucial paths

With any job, there will be tasks that are interconnected with other tasks.

In this case, it is useful to have a tool that will help you describe all the development phases of your plans as well as the dependencies between the tasks.

Additionally, setting milestones to highlight specific goals within any business can help ensure that work is going in the right direction.

4. Friendly projects

Ease of use should be a top priority for managers who need to manage multiple tasks and employees simultaneously.

As a general rule, managers generally don’t like using hard-to-use tools. Additionally, project management systems should be accessible to employees, especially those who use multiple devices.

Any decent system should be basic in layout design and have a simple drag and drop interface. It should encourage simplicity coupled with transparent maintenance and support.

5. Integration with third-party providers

With teams relying on project management software on a daily basis, it’s only natural that your software can allow you to share data with other applications.

For example, an integrated suite provides functions applicable to different businesses for different purposes. By offering this flexibility, it provides an easy way to take your management to the next level.

Additionally, managers should consider effective project management software that includes integration capabilities for popular apps like Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, and Box.

6. Customizable workflow systems

Of course, each team should use different methods and tools, as one size does not fit every team.

In most contexts, the ability to customize is key to ensuring modern teams work efficiently. Depending on the needs of the team, the system must be able to adapt to a specific procedure that monitors the progress of the work.

As you might expect, the custom workflows within the project management software can accurately track the progress of the job. It’s easy to identify who is working on what and what stage of the workflow they are at for easy tracking.

7. Native mobile application

As you may have noticed, project managers frequently work from their phones, attend meetings, and run around. No one wants to restrict them to workstations or laptops.

Today, mobile applications are more and more essential to be on top every second. Therefore, having mobile project management apps is an easy way to track tasks and milestones, as well as deadlines.

8. Easy to collaborate

Of course, collaboration is an essential aspect of project management. So if you are using a project management system, you will need features that will make it easy for you and your teams to work together on any business.

Likewise, the software should allow users to quickly and easily share files, documents, statuses, deadlines and tasks. Chat and discussions should be easy to conduct for internal and remote teams.

9. Delegation of tasks

Of course, your project management system should allow you to assign tasks to any member of the team. Additionally, it should allow you to grant team members access to all relevant tasks and information.

Armed with these project management features, your teams will be more effective and efficient. You are less likely to lose track of important people. Information, hours and workloads within your company. And it will drastically reduce the stress level for everyone.

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