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Tracup Talk: What is project management?


Project management is a big thing, from NASA’s Apollo moon landings to Elon Musk’s SpaceX, and from large corporations to solo startups, effective project management tools are critical to results. But traditional project management tools are complicated to use and expensive. Sometimes you need an easy to use and free to get started integrated project management tool, Tracup may be the choice.

When we met a friend we hadn’t seen for a long time, we would ask him, “Hey, what project have you been working on lately?” “. It has probably become a basic greeting in the workplace. The origins of projects can be considered to have existed since the beginning of human activity, while the history of project management is much shorter.

What exactly is project management?

First of all, let’s distinguish what is a project? And what is project management?

A “project” is a temporary effort to complete a unique product or service. During the implementation of a project, it is common to encounter problems that would hamper the process.

“Project management” refers to the application of professional knowledge, skills, tools and methods to project activities. Enable projects to meet or exceed defined requirements and expectations with high quality and efficiency within limited time and resources.

What are the origins of project management?

When it comes to the origins of project management, most people think it originated during World War II, “in the midst of a disorderly war, orderly project management was born.”

In the 1950s, the initial fields of application were defense, construction and astronautics, but project management became popular around the world following the great success of the Apollo moon landing project in America. People from different regions have started to take an interest in project management.

What is the content of project management?

Project management includes nine components: scope management, time management, cost management, quality management, human resource management, communication management, risk management, procurement management, and integration management.

  1. Project scope management is the management process of controlling project work content to achieve objectives, including scope definition, scope planning, and scope adjustment.
  2. Project time management is a series of management processes designed to ensure that projects can be completed on time, including identifying specific activities, such as sequencing activities, estimating time, planning, time control and other tasks.
  3. Project cost management is the process of ensuring that the cost of completing a project will not exceed the budget. This includes resource allocation, cost and expense budgeting, and cost control.
  4. Project quality management is a series of management processes implemented to ensure that a project can meet the quality requirements set by customers.
  5. Project human resource management is a set of management measures aimed at ensuring that the capabilities and motivations of all project stakeholders are utilized at the highest level. It includes a range of tasks such as planning the organization, building the team, selecting and recruiting staff.
  6. Project communication management is a series of measures that are implemented to ensure the proper collection and transmission of information for a project. This includes communication planning, information sharing and progress reporting.

How to set up project management?

In the new era, the development of project management has become global, diverse and specialized, and it has evolved faster than expected. New opportunities are presented by new eras. Project management has become an essential management skill for almost all industries and has developed into a systematic scientific system of professional knowledge.

In the internet age, progress in project management is best aided by tools. For example, at Tracup, managers can see what projects are underway in the company and what progress is being made. Whether you want to fix a bug or add a new feature, Tracup is the perfect work cloud platform for you. Hands-on teamwork, lightweight project management, comprehensive issue management system, and large file storage – collaboration should be simple.

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The secret to Tracup’s support for effective work is…

Problematic systems – problems arise frequently and are often difficult to solve within Tracup, you can deal with problems in a flexible and varied way. Convenient bug submission method makes it easy to log issues.

Issue attributes such as priority, type, and status allow you to understand the issue more intuitively. In the meantime, you can add comments or notes at any time.

Project management – Management is science, and science is the best guarantee for a project, Tracup offers scientific project management. It supports quick project creation in different ways, with an easy one-minute start. With a single user account, you can manage both the projects you create and those in which you participate.

In this case, project statistics, developments, members and issues are all available at a glance. Favorite projects, custom project grouping and sorting make project management more scientific and interesting.

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File sharing – speeding up information transfer and making communication more efficient, Tracup provides a file repository that can be used as a network drive for projects, with stable and secure storage security, support for high-speed download of files in multiple formats, and access or download anywhere, as well as online preview and cloud file viewing, and enough file storage space to bring unlimited file sharing.

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Plugin system – small plugins, but big uses Tracup has prepared plugins specifically for browsers. Whether you use Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Opera, you can find and install them directly from the plugin stores of these browsers.

Click the plugin to report the issue in a browser screenshot and submit the issue directly to your project.

Team work – taking teamwork to the next level Tracup’s cloud-based design solves the big problem of collaboration and off-site work.

Effective communication and real-time project tracking allow members from anywhere to work together seamlessly, providing a more convenient and efficient work environment for more developers.

When traditional Excel and report management no longer keep pace with the project.
When you feel like you don’t have full control of your project and the information isn’t transparent.
Tracup has prepared the most humane solution!

Statistics – a good statistical table will help us make the right decisionsTracup has prepared very useful data tables for you. Not only can filter data by version and date range, but also allows the export of statistical graphs to give an overview of the completion of each project and each member.

Time view (Gantt chart) – project time at a glance to help streamline resource allocation with the visual view of time it is possible to visualize each member’s work schedule and load, allowing for better project planning and resource deployment and a clear view of project progress. Meanwhile, administrators can track progress through the task time view, ensuring that each task is running on schedule.

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Personal task management – keep things tidy by providing task members with accurate issue filtering, personal workstations, personal calendars, and many other implementation options. This allows employees to focus on viewing their own or a specific member’s work schedule and progress, and easily schedule individual tasks at the same time.

Besides the above, Tracup has prepared many handy features, for example, task schedules, role management, version management, etc. The value of tools is clear, whether it’s for scheduling, risk management, scheduling, or any other aspect. Just like Tracup, which is a tool for the entire software development project management process.

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