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What is ProofHub? The 7 Best Features for Project Management


Project management practices are evolving, including the tools needed to achieve exceptional results. An ideal project management tool should allow for flexibility, effective task management, and seamless communication between managers and team members.

Over the years, ProofHub has proven its credibility as an excellent project management tool that eases the burden on managers and provides a platform that values ​​efficiency. This article aims to educate you about ProofHub and highlight its seven best features for project management.

What is ProofHub?

ProofHub is a flexible project management software used by leading organizations for administrative purposes up to task management. ProofHub is preferred in large remote industries as it helps them complete project plans without the hassle of on-site reporting.

With ProofHub, you can efficiently facilitate remote team meetings, assign tasks, and complete projects without physically meeting team members. Industry experts call it an “all-in-one project management software” ideal for medium to large businesses where supervision of individual tasks is essential.

ProofHub is like a virtual control room where you can monitor the activity of each team member, correct tasks or approve them. It creates a smooth workflow in the organization and offers robust features that help increase productivity.

ProofHub benefits are available within the budgets of an Ultimate plan at $99 billed monthly or annually at $89 billed monthly. An Essential plan is also available for a lower budget of $50, billed monthly, and annually at $45 billed monthly. ProofHub also offers a free plan and a 14-day trial window, after which you can subscribe to any of its pay-as-you-go services.

7 Best Features for Project Management

ProofHub includes various features that facilitate large-scale efficiency and productivity. The following, however, stand out as the best features for project management.

1. Task management

ProofHub’s task management feature allows project managers to easily assign tasks and subtasks to team members. This feature helps them identify who they have assigned a certain task to and divide a single task into several sections for smooth execution.

You have a Add a label section to customize task labels and prioritize tasks for easy identification. And if you want, you can add specific codes that you can remember to subtasks to easily revisit them when you need them. Plus, you have the luxury of filtering through a pile of tasks to take care of those that need urgent attention.

2. Kanban Workflows and Boards

With workflows and Kanban boards, you can measure the progress of work from the previous stages to the next, to the final stage. For simplicity, ProofHub presents tasks in columns, where each column represents different stages of a project.

As these tasks progress, you can move them to the next stage by dragging the tasks to the next column. With workflow and Kanban boards, you can customize workflows and give titles between Do and completed. Then assign those tasks to people and, if you want, set them as private. This way, only the designated people will have access to the shared information.

3. Custom Reports

With Custom reports, you can get a visual representation of all complete and incomplete milestones. This feature helps you monitor the progress reports of all tasks and manage them according to their scheduled deadlines. You can also set a progress chart to measure common goals and expected pace of work against actual results produced by the team.

Customized reports will help you adjust schedules accordingly to meet these goals in the event of a drop in productivity. You can also track overdue tasks and reschedule them if needed. Finally, keep track of billable and non-billable time logged in a project. This works great for freelancers who get paid based on the time they spend and the work they put in.

4. Online Verification

Online verification is a collaborative feature that allows a team of creatives to make suggestions and edit various tasks as they move to the final stage. This feature enables effective team feedback and improves a team’s performance and productivity.

Team members contribute to designs and projects in real time and make corrections as needed. With this feature’s markup tools, you can annotate files indicating specific regions where the team needs to make corrections. Online verification also provides sections where team members respond to threads focusing on one suggestion.

5. Gantt charts

Visualization is the key to the success of every project. As a traditional method, project managers may decide to create basic Gantt charts using Excel spreadsheets. Although it has worked many times, ProofHub has integrated this functionality into their system, creating a platform where project managers can monitor individual tasks using a graphical layout.

Therefore, you can visually track the progress of each task in percentage to know how much work is done by each team member. Above all, ProofHub has integrated the Gantt chart model that would capture the activities required during these tasks.

For example, Gantt charts are available for project management, marketing campaigns, and software development. These patterns would be useful for agile teams to effectively manage agile project management.

6. Announcements

With this feature, project managers can make voice announcements by clicking the speaker icon on the platform. It makes it easy to distribute information and share updates on a task. So instead of typing all the information, you can send it as voice notes. You can also add a listing title, description, and supporting files or images.

Finally, project managers can also choose members to see certain ads by subscribing these people and then find out who has seen them. You can schedule these ads to run for a specific duration.

7. Online discussions

Sharing and reviewing project results is one of the best ways to improve your remote team’s accountability. Online discussions enable team members to engage with their colleagues and actively share ideas with them. As a project manager, this feature allows you to create discussion topics, including future projects and customer requirements.

In addition, you can also subscribe people to certain discussions with whom you want to share information and ideas on a particular topic. It also lets you add comments and mention people directly in discussions to make contributions. With online discussions, you can archive discussion topics, pin them, or mark them as private.

How to use ProofHub for project management

The first step to effectively using ProofHub for project management is to develop a project plan. As the project manager, it is your responsibility to design a plan that gives you direction during the project. The role of ProofHub is to help you visualize your project plans and update them easily.

Additionally, one of the greatest strengths of a project management process is order. As a project manager, ProofHub allows you to organize tasks and projects according to priorities. So you can schedule separate times for meetings, chats, and proofreading and ensure that these activities are carried out in different subgroups in a unified way.

Connect your work with ProofHub

Having a project management tool like ProofHub has a positive impact on connecting your work during a project. If managed by a skilled project manager, it sporadically improves project results. By learning how to become a better project manager, you put your team on a platform for success and increase your chances of managing future projects.

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