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Which method is ideal for communicating?

Collaborating with your colleagues should be a breeze, with so many ways to reach them. But, sometimes using multiple communication tools can become overwhelming, and using the wrong one can hamper a conversation.

So when is it more efficient to write an email, send a message, or use project management software? Read on to find out which communication tool is ideal for your discussion.

When to email

If you have a lot of information to summarize and details to include in your message, sending an email is the ideal option. This is also the best route for requests.

Since an email conversation is generally slower than a conversation through a messaging app, this gives your recipient more time to review the information. They can sit down with him if they need to and provide a thoughtful response when they’re ready.

While it’s common to think that your co-workers won’t appreciate long emails, there are plenty of ways to format long emails so important information stands out. You don’t want to write a novel by any means, but email allows you to present all the information at once, in a medium that feels less urgent.

Just think about your own preferences. Would you rather receive a long but precise email that you think you have time to think about, or receive a long Slack message while trying to focus on other projects?

In addition to feeling less rushed, emails are faster to find and view later, simple to forward to someone else, and easy to include others outside of your location. work. It also gives your message more formality compared to Slack or a similar app. Some situations where email is probably ideal are:

  • Summarize an event, report, project or feedback.
  • To make a request.
  • Send anything formal.
  • Including someone from outside your workplace.
  • Anything long or important, especially if the recipient will need to refer to it later.

When to send a message

Messaging tools like Slack will likely get you a faster response than email. It’s a great place to ask simple questions, quickly check in with your colleagues, and share ideas.

Although sometimes you need quick answers, it’s important to keep in mind that you’ll need to keep your questions simple for that to happen. Due to the app’s typical quick responses, it’s easy for recipients to ignore details or entire messages, especially in a noisy channel or workspace.

This can lead to longer-than-necessary conversations or important updates that go unnoticed, especially if the channel is so busy that your co-workers have muted it.

Using mentions in Slack can help direct conversations in groups or channels a bit, but it’s best to keep your messages short and to the point. If you can’t and Slack is your team’s favorite place, try using bullet points to summarize. You also want to consider if you have time for a conversation when sending a message. Your colleague may be quick to follow, seeking clarification or asking questions of their own.

If ever a conversation in Slack drags on because things aren’t clear, it might be quicker to call your colleague on the phone or use Slack’s voice huddle tool to clarify. Slack certainly isn’t the only messaging tool available, but if you want to keep things simple, it’s best to choose an app that everyone in your organization will use.

Also, if you want things to stay professional, you’ll want to avoid using personal apps like Facebook Messenger or texting. Some situations where a messaging app is ideal are:

  • Ask quick questions.
  • Share ideas and collaborate.
  • Sending prompt updates.
  • Make announcements—in the right channel.

When to use project management software

Sometimes it’s ideal to use communication tools within project management software like ClickUp. The main benefit of doing this is that you and your colleagues will spend less time communicating, as well as searching for information in your inboxes, messages, and wherever else you discuss work.

By using ClickUp, you can keep everything related to tasks or projects in one place.

The comments section in a task card in ClickUp allows you to send questions or clarifications to your colleagues. Here you can tag others, assign comments, and attach supporting documents.

You can also share a task or project by filling in the appropriate information and assigning someone else to the project itself or as an observer. Just be sure to use the description section to add more details, much like an email.

Additionally, you can create a project request board in ClickUp as a way for you and your team to quickly assign tasks and request assistance. Some situations where communication with project management software is ideal:

  • To ask a project-specific question.
  • To share a project-specific comment, idea or suggestion.
  • You have a mission to delegate to someone else.
  • You have supporting documents that will help with a project.

Other tips for effective communication

Whichever medium you choose, here is a list of other tips to help you communicate effectively:

  • Send all at once– if you have news, comments, an update or really anything to say, send them all at once rather than pieces at a time. Keeping everything together helps limit notifications and the distraction or anticipation that comes after someone sends a “hey” message.
  • Use subject lines and channels— Not only will keeping subject lines and channels relevant will help you get the answers you’re looking for, but you and your colleagues can also find the information later.
  • Stick to one method—if you receive an email, reply by email. If it’s a message, reply in the same app. Staying consistent will keep your conversations accessible and organized.

Streamline communication and increase your productivity

While having so many communication tools at your fingertips makes it easier to converse with your colleagues, sometimes using the wrong tool can become a hindrance. If you have a lot to say, email is your best bet. If you want to be fast and accurate, go for a messenger like Slack.

Ultimately, if your thought or idea relates to a task, do yourself and your colleagues a favor by sharing it in your project management software under the respective task. When delivering the conversation, you also need to think about how you and your colleagues will find it later, if necessary.

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