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Xlife Sciences: Xprot, a project company of Xlife Sciences, signs a cooperation agreement with the University of Mainz and the Thoraxklinik Heidelberg

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Zürich, March 29, 2022

xprot, a project company of Xlife Sciences, signs a cooperation agreement with the University of Mainz and the Thoraxklinik Heidelberg

xprot GmbH, a project company 100% owned by Xlife Sciences AG (SIX: XLS), has signed a collaboration agreement with the University Medical Center of Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz and Thoraxklinik Heidelberg GmbH. The collaboration will focus on new approaches to suppress tumor growth and immune evasion in lung cancer, which were discovered by the research group around Professor Luise Florin and protected by a patent.

The cooperation’s research activities focus on strategies for the development of gene therapies with the aim of restoring the expression of negatively regulated genes in lung cancer tissues to stop uncontrolled tumor growth and stimulate the immune response. Besides the therapeutic use of the candidates, the company is also evaluating their potential as a diagnostic biomarker.

Frank Plöger, Scientific Director of Xlife Sciences, says, “With approximately 240,000 new cases per year and approximately 130,000 deaths in the United States alone, there is still a high medical need for lung cancer therapies after years of research With the new modalities available like gene therapy or mRNA delivery technology, new hope for cancer patients The combination of biomarker and therapeutic target is a very promising combination for a future approach to personalized medicine in a highly attractive market, which is estimated to reach $48 billion globally by 2026.” After validation of the approach in lung cancer, xprot aims to expand the indication space to other cancer indications.

The contract, which was concluded with the support of technology transfer company Innovectis, includes several stages and revenue sharing for the University Medical Center Mainz and Thoraxklinik Heidelberg. “This project is another step to further expand the successful development of medical technology transfer and the associated local start-up scene”, confirms the commercial director of the University Medical Center Mainz, PD Dr.

Christian Elsner.

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